Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner

If you’re a swimming enthusiast, then you certainly understand the discomfort caused by swimming in contaminated water. In worst-case scenarios, you can even contract waterborne infections such as cholera and typhoid.

So, how can you clean your in-ground pool while minimizing the workload? In this zodiac mx6 review, we introduce to you an eye-appealing tool that will make your pool cleaning endeavors superbly easier than before. Stay with us to learn more about the product’s features, benefits, factors to consider, and why you should get it today.

Zodiac mx6 Review

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Key Features

  • Powerful cyclonic suctioning
  • 90-Degrees twist-lock elbow
  • The twist lock hose measures 7 x 1.2 meters
  • Automatic weir valve
  • 2-speed variable pumps
  • The item weight 17.45 pounds
  • The overall dimensions are 40.4 x 8.9 x 14.8 inches
  • Hose float and protector

User Satisfaction

  • Cleans without supervision; hook up and walk away
  • The cleaner is made of high-quality materials
  • Rapid spinning prevents it from getting stuck
  • Climbs the wall like a pro
  • Can run for up to 3 hours non-stop
  • Clear-cut instructions on the manual ease the assembly process

User Dissatisfaction

  • The machine isn’t so long-lasting
  • Doesn’t exhaustively lift small debris like sand
  • Not suitable for pools bigger than 15,000 gallons


Key Findings of Zodiac MX6 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Wall Climbing

Zodiac mx6 excellently climbs the walls of the pool to remove stuck stains. Oiled stains tend to stick in the walls and can cause their discoloration. However, this pool sweeper does wall-to-wall cleaning, covering every radius.

Variable Motor Speed

The tool automatically detects the depth (deep & shallow end) of the pool and adjusts its speed automatically. Also, at high dirt concentration areas, it moves slowly to lift every dirt and increases the rate at cleaner surfaces.

Ease of Assembly 

The installation process of the machine upon unboxing is not rocket science. The manufacturer has provided straightforward instructions guiding the assembly process. The swiveling hoses design is also quick to connect and user-friendly.

Powerful Cyclonic Suctioning

Tiny stains such as sand grains are difficult to spot, leave alone lifting them. But thanks to MX6 cyclonic technology, it can detect and lift any unwanted impurity on the pool, despite the size or volume.

  • Other key features of the pool cleaner include a flow generator, speed pump variability, and aggressive turbine blade for wall climbing.

Precautions – What Should You Consider Before Purchasing It?

  • The unit is a small-sized pool cleaner, say 16,000 gallons or below. For Olympic-size pools, you’ll need to look further.
  • The wall climbing aspect does not work so well as advertised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since this is a short review, I’ll answer a few of the questions that I believe are a top of your mind right now.

Q: Where does the pool debris go? Do they go into the bag?

A: No, the unit doesn’t have a bag. All the lifted debris go directly in the filter basket.

Q: Will it work for my 40-feet long pool?

A: Sure, why not? However, you may need an additional hose attachment to enhance efficiency.

Q: Does it pick up sand?

A: Yes, it does. But not 100% to be frank

Concluding Remarks

Zodiac mx6 is one of the best automatic in-ground pool sweepers for your small home pool. Automatic weir valve, twist-lock hoses, 90-degree twist-lock elbow, cyclone technology, 2-speed variable motor, etc., are some of the exclusive features captured in this zodiac mx6 review. The machine has a few drawbacks, such as the inability to lift tiny particles, but overall it works perfectly for small pools. We recommend it 100%.

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