Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop Reviews

Have you been after a cleaner for your hard and wood floors? Search no more. Shark steam and spray professional will offer you an ultimate solution. It will give you excellent cleaning performance in your daily cleaning. Staying in a clean environment will prevent you from infectious diseases. 

The cleaner helps you to get rid of sticky and greasy messes as well as eliminating bacteria and germs. The multipurpose steam cleaner will ensure it meets all your cleaning needs efficiently. 

In this product review, we have researched Shark Steam and Spray features, the benefits that accrue to it as well as any essential information that pertains to this tool. 

Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop Reviews

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Key Features

  • The product weighs 10.58 pounds
  • Its dimensions are 11.7 x 8.7 x 28.1 inches
  • The tank capacity is 450ml
  • It comes with 22-foot power cord
  • The steam heat up time is 30 seconds
  • It comes with four Duracell AA Batteries
  • The product has three steam setting
  • Its cleaning path/width is 12 inches
  • The product comes with a filling flask and disposable SaniFiber pad

User satisfaction

  • The machine is easy to use.
  • It’s lightweight, making it easy to transport without any hassle.
  • The cleaner is ideal for harsh, sticky, and greasy stains.
  • It’s three settings that are the scrub, mob, and dust, make it suitable for various floor surfaces.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it effortless to grip.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • The machine is easy to change steam settings as well as pads.
  • It comes with easy to follow instructions.
  • The swivel head allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas.

User dissatisfaction

  • The machine does not stand upright without supporting it. 
  • Its pads get wet after using it for a while.
  • There is leakage of the bottle when you tilt the mob. 

Key Findings of Shark Steam and Spray Professional (SK460) Review- Why should you buy it?

Large versatility

The cleaner has a significant mob head, dust, and scrub that are ideal for various cleaning needs depending on the floor. The scrub pads get rid of tough and greasy messes from your hard floors.

Steam control system

The cleaner uses the steam control system that enables you to control the steam flow depending on the intensity of the dirt. 

Wide cleaning path

The machine has a full cleaning path of 12 inches that enables you to clean a large area at any given time; thus, saving cleaning time.

Rechargeable battery

The machine comes with 4 Duracell AA Batteries that are rechargeable. The batteries last for an extensive period of continuous steaming.

Easy to assemble

The shark steam and spray is easy to assemble with no special tools required. It comes with easy to follow instructions with step by step guidelines and diagrams.


  • The machine’s spare parts are not readily available.
  • Overfilling the tank may prevent efficient steaming.
  • The machine is subject to prop 65 rules and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you use it on the wood floor without damaging it?

    Yes. You can use it without any damage to your floor. The machine is ideal for wood and hard floors and removes all sticky stains entirely.

  2. What are disposable pads for?

    Disposable pads are for dirty and greasy floors. Instead of washing them, you can dispose of them away.

  3. What is the need to use distilled water?

    Distilled water helps to prevent the build-up of minerals from hard water inside the machine; thus, lasting for an extended period.

  4. Does the machine stand on its own?

    NO. The cleaner does not stand on its own because of the swivel head.

  5. What batteries does the machine need to spray?

    The cleaner uses 4 AA batteries.

  6. Can you use water only?

    Yes. It works perfectly.

Concluding Remarks

Are you tired of greasy and sticky messes on your floors? Shark Steam and Spray Professional (SK460) is an ideal option for many. It will help you eliminate tough stains on your hard and wood floors. The cleaner will give you superior cleaning performance without interfering or damaging your floors. Stay in a clean and fresh environment, and get the value of your money with this machine. 

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