Shark nv750w vs nv752

Shark is famous for coming up with unique and functional home appliances, which include vacuum cleaners. In this article, we will talk about Shark NV750w and the NV752, which are among the best ones in the industry. Both Vacuums incorporate motorized brushes, HEPA filters, LED Lights, and more awesome functions. While these units are almost equal, they still differ in some ways. To know how they vary, the Shark nv750w vs nv752 comparison will help greatly.


NV 750

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The unit is part of the rotator series and does not lose any suction power. With a 270AW suction power, the unit will remove any dirt, fur, or dust from your house. With a power-lift away feature, it can quickly get into the far and tight corner and leave it dirt free.

NV 752

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The unit is an upgrade of the nv750w. It incorporates a unique technology of TruePet technology, which helps in vacuuming pet fur easily from carpets and any other surface. It also comes with a 270AW suction power, which is ideal for that work.


When it comes to suction, NV752 carries the day. TruePet technology makes it ideal for those with pets at home.



When it comes to accessories, the model comes with enough features that make it a great vacuum cleaner. Some of the accessories that it incorporates include a dust brush, caddy, steam pocket mop, beneath-appliance wand, and a crevice tool. 


One crucial tool with this unit is the TruePet small automatic brushes that are great for homes with pets. The upholstery tool is also great for removing long hairs as well. Other accessories that come with the unit are the caddy, accessory bag, dusting brush, dust genie, hard floor genie, and more.


Both models are equal, but the 752 model offers more accessories. The NV 750w may lack some accessories, but it is possible to order than separately. 



The cleaning unit is a performer since it comes with great suction power. Its swivel steering design is there to offer excellent maneuverability even when cleaning on the far corners or below furniture.


Being a functional TruePet and powerful vacuum, it lifts away dirt and animal fur within minutes. With a caddy and removable canister, you can get a portable home cleaning.


Both are performers, but if you own pets at home, the 752 model is the ideal one in this section. 

Final verdict

With the above comparison of the excellent Shark vacuum models, it’s your turn to make a choice. While both models can add value to your house, you need to evaluate them and make an intelligent decision. However, since they are both performers, choosing the right mostly will depend on one’s preference. For example, if you own a pet, go with the NV752, but if you don’t, NV750w works excellent too. But overall, NV752 is better considering the smart features which make it convenient for any home use. Whichever vacuum cleaner you go for, you will enjoy its functionality!

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