Roomba 980 vs i7

Considering how busy people are in this century, managing everything, especially a household is tough. With that in mind, you need to invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner to save you time as you clean your house. The unit will not only make comfortable but will also offer a perfect environment for your family. In this article, we are making a comparison Roomba 980 vs i7, two great models when it comes to making your busy life easier.

Battery Life

Roomba 980

The unit offers an outstanding battery life making it a superior choice. Since the cleaner can run to over 120 minutes without recharging, if you love lasting battery life, this is the unit for you.

Roomba i7

While the unit is a favorite to many, it does not come with great battery life. It only works for about 75 minutes on one charge, unlike the 980 that runs for 120 minutes.


980 is the right one if you like to consider battery life. However, the good thing about the units is that they both support recharging and resuming.

Dustbin and maintenance


When it comes to the dustbin, the 980 offers a larger dustbin and you also don’t need to buy extra replacement bags. The dustbin is sizeable enough to hold a good amount of dirt before you can empty it. 


The unit comes with a bigger dustbin which means you will empty it fewer times. Another great thing with the unit is that it empties the bin automatically. The cleaner empties the debris in the docking tower that incorporates some disposable bags. 


The size of the bin determines the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit. Besides, no one wishes to own a unit that needs frequent emptying. However, the several times to empty the bin will depend on the amount of dirt as well as the size of your house.


Roomba 980

When thinking of the navigation system, both robots work great. However, the technology in the i7 is higher than 980. The 980 vacuum cleaner incorporates the iAdapt 2.0 and another technology known as vSLAM technology. V-SLAM makes sure you can clean the house and at the same time keep track of the cleaner’s location.


Unlike the 980, i7 incorporates the iAdapt 3.0 navigation. The unit also incorporates a vSLAM technology that automatically maps the house as you do the cleaning. Different from the 980, the cleaner uses smart mapping to find the right way to keep the home clean.


Even though the cleaners’ navigation technology is not alike, they both incorporate virtual wall technology. The technology is great is creating a barrier that makes sure the unit never goes beyond the rig areas. With the technology, the i7 takes the day since it remembers and updates landmarks in a home to know where it visits and where it still needs to clean. The 980 misses the landmark sensor but can still map the house for effective cleaning.

Whichever robot you decide to go with, you will still get great cleaning since they work well on all homes.

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