Pureclean xl Rolling Steam Cleaner Reviews

Routine household cleaning is an art that should come as natural as saying your name. If you found yourself doing it under coercion or lack of interest, then there’s a huge problem. That’s probably because you are still using conventional cleaning means. Such methods as squeegees are not only tedious; they are ineffective too. You need to up your game.

Today, we introduce to you a one-of-a-kind dirt remover- pureclean xl rolling steam cleaner. Aside from being a power-efficient cleaner, it also removes dirt from a variety of surfaces within the homestead. Let’s find out what changes it can bring to your housekeeping undertakings. 

Pureclean xl Rolling Steam Cleaner

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Key Features

  • The unit’s dimensions are 15.7 x 11 x 13 inches
  • The weight is 15.55 pounds
  • 1,500W power system
  • 18-piece accessories kit
  • 1.5-liter reservoir capacity
  • 45 minutes of cleaning time
  • 16-foot electrical cord plus a built-in cod wrap
  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • Distilled water usage

User Satisfaction

  • Lightweight and compact design making it easy to carry and store
  • Great fit for all-round household cleansing
  • The well-fitting handle makes it comfortable and easy to use
  • Elongated power cord reaches far and wide
  • Awesome steamer for bedbug removal
  • An excellent soap remover in sinks and showers

User Dissatisfaction

  • The handle heats up when the tank is full
  • The small grout brushes do not last
  • Some may feel like the pricing is too much


Key Findings of the PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner – Why Should You Buy It?

Wide-Range Floor Cleaning

Unlike other cleaners that choose the type of floors that they clean, this one has no exceptions. Be it laminate floors, ceramic tile, granite, or wood flooring; it cleans them all. By merely putting the microfiber mop pads onto the unit, you’ll maximally remove persistent stains, spills, or any other impurity.

Compact Design

One of the significant challenges that housekeepers face is how and where to place their cleaners when not in use. PureClean xl rolling steam cleaner is very considerate about that. Unlike most tools, it has a built-in cord wrap for the systematic keeping of the power cord. Other than that, its compact design and rolling wheels make the machine easily storable even in tiny spaces.

Tight Space Penetration

You must have probably done housekeeping long enough to understand that dust and dirt mostly accumulate around cornered places. The mop’s design takes a triangular shape to enhance the accessibility of such spaces. Cleaning corners and below the furniture is no longer a hassle if you get this unit.

Steam Jet Nozzle

The nozzle doesn’t just spray steam anywhere. It is specially angled to target specific spots. The advantage of this is that it can easily remove embedded dirt, grease, or spillages. It’s great for detailed areas like tile grout and grills.

Precautions – What You Should Consider

  • DO NOT apply too much pressure on the fully extended handle. The manufacturer advises against that as it could cause breakages.
  • As much as it is an excellent bedbug eliminator, it may leave your bed a bit wet. Remember, this unit is not suction or vacuum cleaner.
  • Please DO NOT use chemicals. It’s neither good for the tool nor the children around, in case you have any.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are part of learning and a clear indication of progress. That’s why we feel better to settle your curiosities.

Q: How hot does the steam get?

A: The steam heats up to around 212℉ at full capacity.

Q: Does it come with a PDF instructions manual?

A: Yes. You’ll get it through email upon purchase. If not, you can access it via the Dupray’s website.

Q: Any information on cleaning and heat up time?

A: The unit runs for 45 minutes before the next refill. Eight minutes is all you require to heat the water.

Concluding Remarks

With a 5-star customer rating on such reputable stores as Amazon, it’s apparent that pureclean xl rolling steam cleaner works for many. Of course, you can’t please everyone; people have different tastes and preferences. One thing we like about this cleaner is its resourcefulness and the endless list of accessories. Practically, it’ll tackle almost all your housekeeping needs. Get one today, and you won’t regret it.

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