McCulloh MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner

Have you ever wondered why some people usually contract preventable infections like cholera? It’s because they don’t take care of their surroundings well enough to eradicate the disease-causing germs. And the worst part is, most of us are just ignorant. We know what measures to take, but we choose to ignore them anyway.

Brooms and squeegees are good household cleaners. But are they as effective in eliminating germs and bacteria? Today, we introduce a multipurpose steam cleaner that will effectively sort out all your housekeeping needs.

In this McCulloch mc1385 review, we’ve invested our time to learn and write about the product’s essential features, benefits, and everything else you need to know. Let’s find out why it’s the best cleaning tool for your household.

 McCulloch Mc1385 Review

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Key Features

  • The dimensions are 13.1 x 13.3 x 19.1 inches
  • The product weighs 13 pounds
  • Uses ordinary water heated to over 200℉
  • 23 resourceful accessories and a storage bag 
  • A large water reservoir- 64oz.
  • Full water heating requires approximately 12 minutes
  • 18-foot elongated power cord
  • 4 bar (58psi) pressure
  • 2-hour continuous steam

User Satisfaction

  • The machine is multipurpose
  • Works perfectly well to lift tough stains
  • The all-purpose attachments make cleaning more effortless and fun
  • With a large water tank, refilling interruptions are a thing of the past
  • No chemicals required thus more ecologically friendly

User dissatisfaction

  • No gauge to measure the water level
  • The unit’s durability is not so good
  • The handle starts warming up after prolonged usage



Key Findings of McCulloh MC1385 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

23-List Versatile Attachments

Among others, the attachments include a large mop head, extension wands, mop pads, brushes, scrub pads, a storage bag, an accessory net, and a fill cup. Each attachment performs at least a unique role. For instance, the round scrub pad and brushes do a fantastic job in eliminating tough grouts and soap scum from the floor tile and the bathroom walls. Did you know that the storage case can add up as a shopping bag as well?

Cord Wrap

You’re probably wondering how to store the 18-foot power cord without consuming much of your limited space. The well-fitted cord wrap comes in handy exclusively for that purpose. And as a sign of goodwill, the manufacturer even made an integrated handle to provide hassle-free portability.

4-Bar Pressure

We all know how grease, grime, oil, and other spillages can get stubborn once they’ve dried up. But with hot steam and a maximum 4 bar pressure of 58 psi, even germs and bacteria are no longer a nuisance. At full capacity, the machine dispenses pressure at the rate of 31 g/min, thus fighting any impurity on its way.

Extra Large Reservoir Tank

The water tank capacity is 64 ounces. Aside from reduced refills, you’ll also enjoy a quick heat-up time of 12 minutes and a whopping 2-hour of continuous steaming. The unit also has a fill cup for easy refills.

Steam Control System

The device has a control system that allows you to manage the steam flow. So, depending on the intensity of the dirt, you can always adjust the control accordingly.


  • The model works optimally for 120V only. Altering the voltage might compromise its efficiency.
  • You’d want to operate the machine cautiously to avoid breakages because its spare parts aren’t abundantly available.
  • Wear protective gloves because the handle gets hotter with time
  • Don’t overfill the reservoir. It prevents proper steaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between the models; MC1385 & MC1375?

A: The main difference, which is also an advantage, is the water tank capacity. MC1385 has a more abundant reservoir, 64oz, whereas MC1375’s capacity is only 48oz. Also, MC1385 comes with 23 accessories, while MC1375 has 20.

Q: Can I use it to remove bedbugs?

A: The machine operates on heated water. Bedbugs, in our opinion, require chemical cleaners.

Q: What’s the water tank made of?

A: Aluminum, and it works perfectly.

Concluding Remarks

Ever wondered how the world would become a better place if it were devoid of germs and other disease-causing impurities? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. So we must act proactively to keep our environment tidy and safe for human habitation. This mcculloh mc1385 review features one of our most preferred housekeeping tools. Get yours today and restore sanity to your household. Remember to bookmark our page for future updates of trendy products and DIY tools.

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