Mcculloch Mc1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner with 18 accessories

Some conditions, like cholera and typhoid, are mainly your own choice. They can only infect you if you let them because they find leverage in untidy environments. Do you see why cleaning your homestead is vital to your health? But how do you efficiently do it without getting tired or bored?

Don’t worry. McCulloch MC1275 heavy-duty cleaner will superbly do the job while you merely do the follow-ups. If you operate under a tight schedule and budget, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get this unit. The wonders it’ll do to your house are invaluable.

Let’s check out what you can expect from this tool upon unboxing and using it.

Mcculloch Mc1275

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Key Features

  • The dimensions are 20.1 x 13 x 12.6 inches
  • The unit weighs 12 pounds
  • 18-piece accessories kit
  • 45-minute cleaning before the next refill
  • 8-minute heat-up time
  • 15.7-foot power cord and a 9-foot hose
  • High-capacity water tank- 48oz.
  • 43 psi. and 33-37 g/min. steam pressure and rate respectively
  • 16 oz. water measuring cup
  • 200℉ of continuous steam

User Satisfaction

  • Entirely removes shower and sink soap residues
  • Bedbug attacks? Worry no more
  • Great versatility
  • Large capacity tank won’t require frequent refilling
  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use

User Dissatisfaction

  • Cheaply made plastic parts
  • Produces high pitches in enclosed places like the bathroom
  • Steam temperature declines as you continuously use the cleaner

Key Findings of McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner – Why Should You Buy It?

Functional Lock System

The steam lock switch alleviates the hassle of frequently having to press the steam button. All you need to do is to push the lock forward once. That will enable a continuous steam floor for up to 45 minutes. That is a notable improvement from old cleaners where you have to hold the steam button for nonstop flow always.

Powerful Jet Nozzle 

Two things are vital to achieving magnificent cleaning results; steam temperature and pressure. Heat is already taken care of by the 200℉ superheat system. When it comes to pressure, specially angled jet nozzle that directs steam at maximum speed to remove stuck dirt and dust.

Sturdy Floor Mop Accessory

Experience superior scrubbing power with the unit’s floor mop attachment. Tough stains and grease may look like a Goliath, but this David will wipe them out completely. The mop perfectly works for wood, tile, and laminate floors

Large Capacity Reservoir

How does a large capacity water tank affect your cleaning experience? With the 48 oz. capacity tank, you’ll enjoy such rare privileges as; fewer refills, 45-minute nonstop cleaning, and 8-minute heat-up time. You’re, therefore, devoid of frequent disturbances and slowdowns.

Precautions – What You Should Consider

  • The cleaner fully abides by the US voltage requirements to the latter. The manufacturer advises against the use of external devices that may alter voltage or affect its functionality.
  • Don’t make a mistake of using this heavy-duty steam cleaner on carpets. It will leave some water behind.
  • If at all you must use chemicals, add a few drops of sterilizers like cedar or citrus oils. Otherwise, we encourage that you DO NOT use any chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does the dirty water go? Does the cleaner suck it up?

A: No, it doesn’t. Think of it this way; the cleaner uses highly pressured steam to “shoot” the dirt away. Mark you, this is not a vacuum cleaner. So, you have to wipe the water using a cloth or a mop.

Q: How much space does it take?

A: The device is only 20 inches long. A small closet will do (just about 2 ½ ft. square).

Q: Bedbugs removal?

A: The best bedbug remover we’ve come across. It’ll amaze you.

Concluding Remarks

The McCulloch MC1275 heavy-duty steam cleaner with 18 accessories is the ultimate solution to perfect housekeeping. They’ll work miracles on your windows, kitchen, shower, toilet, car interiors, some types of floors, and many more. 

The good thing about this unit is that it’s safety-tested and approved by several US certification bodies. The only thing that we find annoying with this cleaner is the noise it produces when operating in confined places like the washroom. But that’s not a deal-breaker because you can always use ear protectors. Overall, we love this tool and would recommend it any day.

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