How to Vacuum Stairs – 6 Easy Steps to Clean Your Stairs

Although quite essential, cleaning has never been a delightful task. Still, we have to clean our surroundings. Naturally, we always try to find out if there is an easy way to finish the job or even escape. It becomes more a dreaded chore when it comes to cleaning the tough-to-reach areas such as stairs. 

But some of the modern cleaning appliances, e.g., stair vacuum cleaner, have made things easier than before. Moreover, we may follow some techniques recommended by the cleaning experts. Possibly, these may turn things smart for you from doing something terrible. 

Here in this article, we have tried to address the issue of how to vacuum stairs on your own. We shall also explain some other related matters. We believe it will play a significant role in making things easier for you.

Get the  Right Vacuum Cleaner

Since ‘vacuuming’ has been assumed in this writeup as the primary method of cleaning stairs, getting the right vacuum cleaner for the purpose should be your first concern. Use of a stair cleaning vacuum will make the task quick, complete, and less-tiresome. 

Choose a lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner that has unique features for cleaning stairs. Upright vacuum cleaners are not appropriate for the purpose because of their weight and bulk, although a few of them can still do the job. 

You can go for a stick vacuum cleaner, a relatively lightweight and easy-to-maneuver choice. But it might not be compact as much as you would expect. Instead, we consider the canister vacuum cleaners as the best option for the purpose. They are lightweight, easily maneuverable, and compact enough. 

Canister vacuums include several attachments suitable for cleaning the stairs, for instance, a stair-specific swivel wheel that helps moving up and down the staircases. Some of them are detachable, and you can use them as a handheld stair vacuum. Canisters can hold a substantially large amount of dirt and debris from stairs, including from the carpets on there. 

Do You Have Carpeted Stairs?

Make sure if you are going to clean bare stairs or carpeted stairs. You need to be more careful and specific. You would require to put some extra effort along with investing some additional time for cleaning carpeted stairs compared to bare stairs. Generally, vacuum manufacturers offer other features for cleaning carpets in their canisters to respond – how to keep carpeted stairs clean – one of the most common questions.

Vacuuming Steps You Should Follow

As you’ve got a suitable vacuum for stairs, it is time to get the job done. Initially, it may take some time to get accustomed to cleaning with an electric device, but things will be alright soon. The following writeup on how to clean stairs by a vacuum cleaner will teach you the best ways to vacuum your stairs. Grab the steps is quite a simple task if you concentrate.

Step 1

Remove any or all the large pieces of debris, such as paper scraps on the stairs. Apply your hand. Any such larger particles would clog the vacuum cleaner while having a cleaning session. That means you should remove all the objects that may obstruct or clog a vacuum cleaner. It is your first step before starting vacuum cleaning.

Step 2

Start your cleaning session from the corners and edges of each staircase, most dust settle where. Use the smaller nozzle, e.g., small crevice tool, as it performs better for those hard-to-reach areas. Large attachment is a bar for getting into corners, so remove them before you start vacuuming.

Step 3

Start from the top step of the stairs and go down. Concentrate on each of the staircases similarly. On every step, run the cleaner back and forth to cover the total area. 

Step 4

Vacuum all the steps and replace the attachment when you get back to the bottom of the staircases. 

Step 5

Now, turn the replaced attachment upside down. Start applying the attachment over the vertical part of every step. This phase is a bit tiresome compared to vacuuming the level areas. Though, you won’t need to apply much time for the vertical cleanup as dirt seldom holds the vertical areas.

Step 6

Vacuum up and down motion over all the steps to make sure that you have covered every inch there. Confirm that you have vacuumed every horizontal and vertical area of every step of the stairs. Once done, check again and confirm nothing has been missed.

If you need to apply a vacuum cleaner on your stairs to clean it up, what we explained above is the easiest-possible way one could do. In fact, there is nothing much to tell in this regard. Some of our readers might ask another question – how to clean carpet on stairs without a machine? Apply the conventional way – the answer is pretty much straightforward, but doing the job without a machine such as a vacuum cleaner is quite tough. So, use a competent vacuum cleaner instead.

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