How to Effectively Keep Footprints off Laminate Floors

Laminated floors are quite common, probably because they are attractive and not as expensive to install. You can be tempted to handle a laminated floor like an ordinary hardwood floor and perhaps attempt to give it a similar treatment. However, the laminated floor has a plastic overcast, which reduces the level of care that is required, increases the kind of damage the floor is susceptible to, and makes different maintenance practices that apply to the type of floor.

Laminate floors are particularly notorious for footprint infestation from people and pets even when the no-shoes rule is in place. To keep footprints off laminate floors, continuous cleaning is inevitable. There’s little chance that the dog will not walk from outside with mad, or you won’t find yourself walking straight to the shower with your shoes on after working on the lawn.

To get the best results from cleaning the polyurethane protected floor, here is what you need to do:

Steps for Cleaning Footprints off a Laminate Floor

1.Clean Off the Dust

Ensure that you have a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop for the removal of the dirt which is on the surface. Doing this will eliminate the chances of the offensive particles being picked up by the mop and being spread all over the floor. This would turn the dirt to streaks or residue or cause it to scratch the floor surface. If you choose to use a vacuum cleaner in place of a dust mop, ascertain that the machine is set for hard floors with no rolling brushes that could eventually damage the laminate.

2. Pick the Right Cleaning Solution

Get a solution that is within your budget and one which is appropriate for your kind of floor. Commercial laminated floor cleaners are not necessarily the best solution to your cleaning. A mixer of warm water and vinegar can be just as good. Whichever solution you decide to use, apply it moderately however dirty the floor maybe. Overdoing it could deny you the shiny floor that you’d be expecting to leave behind a dull looking floor from the residue.

3. Mop the Floor

Use just enough liquids when mopping the floor as an excess of it will settle under the lamination boards causing them to swell, which will ultimately damage the floor in the long run. Clean in sections, spraying only as much water as is needed for the particular section. If using a mop, wring out the water completely that the floor will dry out immediately after mopping.

4. Polish 

Using a dust mop with an attached absorbent cloth will give you that shine to complete your work. This task is better handled when on your knees with that dry cleaning cloth. If you prefer standing up to it, a microfiber cloth on a mop head will also be good at putting on that sparkle to your floor. With your choice of buff material, ensure that you work in circles, completing each section until you get a comfortable shine.


However great the results are from your cleaning, you do not want to repeat the process of getting footprints off the laminate floor every day. Maintaining a clean floor is of the essence and will grant you more days to relax. Keeping doormats at each main entrance will help a lot in this. Clearing minor messes as soon as they happen and using floor padding under the furniture will keep the floor looking good for long.

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