How to clean a kitchen fast? Step by Step Guide

The kitchen is the most important and more used area of our home. Even many of us, especially women, spend our maximum time in the kitchen. A beautiful kitchen is a dream of every woman.

 So we should keep our kitchen neat and clean. And it’s beneficial to our health too because Our food is made in the kitchen.

Now I am going to share some kitchen cleaning tips with you- 

1. Kitchen counter cleaning and how to clean the kitchen counter

First of all, we need to concentrate on our kitchen counter cleaning. After cutting and cooking, we should clean our kitchen counter quickly every time.

We can use liquid soap, bar, or powder for cleaning the kitchen counter. Firstly We should clean our kitchen counter with Soap and a scrubber. And after scrubbing we need to wipe the counter properly with wet clothes or towels. Then the Counter will be adequately clean. 

2.The Gas stove, burner, and basin cleaning

Secondly, We need to focus on the gas stove, burner, and basin. We should clean the gas stove after cooking every time. And cleaning the basin after washing utensils or anything. At least twice a day. We can use liquid soap like Vim, fairy, etc., for cleaning and washing gas stove, burner, and basin. But We should use liquid soap with a sponge. 

Because if we use any harsh thing to clean up the gas stove and basin, it will leave scratches on the gas stove and basin. After cleaning with sponge and soap we need to clean the gas stove and basin with soft wet clothes. Then it will be bright and shiny.

3.The kitchen floor cleaning

The kitchen floor is the main part of the kitchen. After finishing all the work like chopping, cooking, and washing utensils in the kitchen, we need to sweep and mop the kitchen floor every day. We can use a mixer of disinfected surface cleaner and water with clothes, towels, or mop to mop the kitchen floor. It’s essential to clean up the kitchen floor. No one likes a dirty and messy kitchen floor. And it’s unhealthy for us.

4.The kitchen cabinet and kitchen hood cleaning

We should clean the kitchen cabinets and kitchen hood twice or once every month. If our Kitchen cabinets are color painted, we can use liquid soap with a sponge to clean up the cabinets and kitchen hood. If we have varnished cabinets, we should use furniture cleaner spray and kitchen hood to use Kitchen hood cleaner spray. Nowadays, these kinds of spray are available in the market and online shops. After using a spray or liquid soap with a sponge, we should wipe the cabinets and kitchen hood with soft and clean clothes. We need to wash the kitchen hood’s insider net too. If we have an exhaust fan then we should wash the fan by opening the fan too. We need to look carefully at the time of cleaning these things. We must be careful when cleaning these kinds of things. Otherwise, anything can be broken, or might be we cut our hands or fingers accidentally.

5. Freeze, Refrigerator, oven, and cutting tools cleaning 

We need to clean our refrigerator once a week and a deep freezer once a month. we need to clean our microwave twice a week. We can wash our refrigerator rack, egg holder,r and drawers with soap and sponge. We can use liquid soap, lemon juice, or Savlon mixed with water for cleaning the inner and outer sides of the refrigerator and oven. We can use wet cotton clothes to wipe out the refrigerator and oven. We need to wash the cutter board, knife, scissors, peeler, and grater after using these things regularly. Then these things will be cleaned and long-lasting.

If we have any glass in our cabinets or refrigerator in our kitchen, we can use glass cleaner to clean glass. We should wash our utensils after using them regularly. We should keep organized and properly everything in the kitchen and might find everything easily when we need it.

Summary, in the end, I can say that a clean and tidy kitchen is the most beautiful and most elegant part of our home. If the kitchen would be neat and clean and properly organized, then kitchen size doesn’t matter; it could be smaller or bigger. A clean and tidy kitchen is essential for our health too.

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