Hoover Max Extract 77 Reviews, FH50240

Are you looking for the best hardwood floor and carpet cleaning machine? In the recent past, we used old-school means like mops, water, brooms, or cleaning solutions for our carpets. Such methods are energy-consuming since they require a lot of bending or kneeling. They’re also time-consuming and don’t guarantee a decent job.

Today, thanks to technological advancements, we have lots of power-driven cleaning machines for your carpets and hard floor surfaces. Let’s find out about the hoover mac extract 77 reviews, pros and cons, features, factors to consider, and everything else you need to know about this powerful cleaner.

Key Features

  • 23.8 x 16.2 x 26.8 inches plus 22.5 pounds in weight
  • Six spin scrub brushes and a powered hand scrub
  • 10 amperes Motor capacity
  • Smart tank technology
  • Forward and backward stroke for automatic rinsing
  • 32 oz. Carpet and upholstery detergent and 16 oz. hard floor detergent
  • Heated air for fastened drying
  • 13 inches nozzle width (Detachable)

User Satisfaction

  • Fastened dry time
  • Outstandingly easy to use
  • 2-year warranty
  • Pleasing tank size
  • Spinning brushes are more effective than roller brushes
  • Best wall-to-wall carpet cleaner

Use Dissatisfaction

  • Strong shampoo scent- takes long to fade fully
  • Improper maintenance may cause rusting of the screws
  • Squeegee used for hard floor falls off quite often
  • The machine is quite noisy
  • Works well for a considerable period but may leak


Key Findings of the Hoover Max Extract 77 Reviews– Why Should You Buy It?

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360-Degree Spin Scrubbing

Give your carpets a rare feeling of massage treatment using this device. The brushes gently rotate the carpet fibers to remove impurities at any angle. Spinning also loosens the tough stains, easing their lifting.

Setting Options

Based on the extent of the stains, you can either switch your machine to spill pickup, gentle scrub, or power scrub mode. So you have the liberty to work at your most preferred setting option.

Automatic Rinsing 

AutoRinse is a feature that sets the cleaner to rinse the shampoo on the forward stroke while cleaning the freshwater on backward stroke. Everything is preset and doesn’t require much intervention.

Clever Heat Technology

Hoover max extract 77 is mindful of the time it takes for the carpet to dry. Therefore, it’s custom-made with a powerful 10 amperes motor that heats the air, thus significantly reducing the dry time.

Handle Switch (CleanSurge)

The machine has a fingertip control that increases the amount of shampoo. Cleaning high traffic places require extra detergents, and the switch serves that purpose well.


  • BEWARE of some users’ complaints about the poor quality customer service.
  • Use with earplugs, especially on hard floors, due to the sound pitch.
  • There are a few hoover max extract 77 reviews stating that the unit barely surpasses the 2-year mark without breakdown.
  • While it works so well, the attachments are prone to breakdown after some time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it clean cat urine and odors?

A: Yes. The unit comes with a strong scent detergent that eradicates any sort of smell on its path.

Q: Are there any accessory tools included?

A: Yes, the unit has an upholstery attachment and a powered hand tool.

Q: Can I also use it on laminate wood flooring?

A: Theoretically, yes. But practically, we wouldn’t recommend it. You’re likely to notice water bubbles plus lots of noise. 

Concluding Remarks

Do you yearn to freely walk barefoot in your house without any worries of health risks? Maintaining germ-free floors and carpets is the sole way of achieving it. Finding the best cleaning machine for floors and carpets can get hectic due to the many confusing products in the market. After reading the above hoover max extract 77 reviews, we hope that you’ll have an easy decision to make regarding your next purchase.

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