Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner, FH11300PC

Psychologists argue that spending more time outdoors can lower your chances of depression. But that’s not an excuse for not keeping your household tidy. You can’t remain outdoors 24/7. 

Household items like carpets are often prone to dirt from different sources such as our shoes, pet stains and hair, kitchen refuse, among others. As such, we must always aspire to keep them clean to prevent germicide infections. 

Today, we introduce the dynamic hoover fh11300pc- a portable carpet & upholstery spot cleaner. Let’s find out why it should make its way to your wish list.

Hoover fh11300pc spotless portable carpet & upholstery spot cleaner

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Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 9.7 x 13.9 x 15 inches
  • The item weighs 9 pounds
  • Antimicrobial rubber nub tool and a sample-sized cleaning solution plus pretreat gel
  • Dirty water reservoir capacity is 36 ounces
  • 5ft. hose and upholstery tool
  • Self-rinsing system
  • Separate tank system

User Satisfaction

  • Extremely lightweight hence portable
  • Very easy to use and store
  • The elongated hose can maneuver most hidden areas
  • No chance for bacteria growth or bad odors
  • It’s safe to use around children
  • Minimized noise levels compared to other cleaners

User Dissatisfaction

  • Opaque top bars you from seeing whatever you’re sucking
  • Doesn’t have an automatic detergent mixer
  • Long users would require to bend or kneel


Key Findings of Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Compact Design

With a weight of fewer than 9 pounds and a height of 15 inches, you can never find a more compact tool than this stain remover. The design also makes the machine extraordinarily user-friendly and storable. 

Elongated Hose Attachment

The hose tool is 5feet and is exceptionally light on the hand. Stairs and hard-to-reach upholstery surfaces are no longer dirt’s hiding places if you have this cleaner. The hose penetrates tiny spaces to exhaustively lift stuck stains from your carpet, stairs, furniture, and so on.

Antimicrobial Tool

Are you worried about your children getting infected due to germs transmitted by pets’ stains? Hoover FH11300PC has got you covered. The machine combines potent suction and antimicrobial deep cleaning tools to lift germ-causing stains entirely.

Built-In Hose Cleaner

After each round of cleaning, the hose further undergoes extra cleaning to surge any stuck debris. Rule out any fear of the hose clogging or developing bad odors since the self-cleaning is a continuous process.


  • Some previous users have complained of not getting a refund due to the tool’s defectiveness.
  • BEWARE of the filling holes’ vertical shape. So, without extra care, you’re likely to spill some fluid onto the carpet, which is not so good with dirty water.
  • Judging from buyer reviews, the product seems not to last so long.
  • Hoover FH11300PC is not a steam cleaner. DO NOT use to clean hard surfaces like dining chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this device to kill bedbugs?

A: Not quite. Bedbugs, unlike stains, are mobile and have defense mechanisms. It’s hard to get rid of them with this carpet cleaner completely, though vacuuming and the powerful detergents may scare them off.

Q: What’s the electrical cord’s length?

A: The cord is 14″.

Q: Where can I get the product’s instructions manual?

A: When you purchase the machine, the manufacturer sends you the manual via email in PDF form. All the same, you can find it on Hoover’s website.

Concluding Remarks

Hoover FH11300PC spotless portable carpet & upholstery spot cleaner is a far much better stain eraser than most brands available in the market. Such unique features as self-cleaning, portability, antimicrobial tool, and so on, give the product a competitive edge. Despite not getting the approval of a few users, it’s safe to say that this device superbly works for many.

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