Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum Cleaner, SD20000RED

Why should you spend lots of money renting or hiring a professional carpet cleaner when you can permanently acquire a customized machine? You need to think outside the box and purchase a cheaper, yet sturdy cleaner for the sake of your home’s hygiene.

Without further hesitation, let’s talk about the vibrant dirt devil simpli-stik lightweight corded bagless stick vacuum. Our thoroughly researched review will take you through the product’s features, pros and cons, its key aspects, and much more. Please scroll down to find out.

Dirt Devil Simpli Stik 3 in 1

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Key Features

  • The contaminated water tank capacity is 0.35 liters
  • 16-foot cord length
  • 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner; hand vac, stick vac, and extended hand vac
  • Well-fitting handle
  • Product weight- 3.74 pounds
  • Product dimensions- 6.5 x 10 x 42.9 inches
  • Upright and compact design

User Satisfaction

  • The item is easy to use and clean
  • Perfect height and weight for younger or shorter users
  • Great pricing
  • Wheels and the ergonomic handle are an excellent asset for mobility
  • The compact and upright design ensures that the tool doesn’t cover much space
  • The cleaner works perfectly on hard floors and small spaces

User Dissatisfaction

  • Not suitable for larger apartments and office spaces
  • Confusing manual, especially concerning the appropriate filter size
  • A bit noisy, especially on hard floors and tiles


Key Findings of Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – Why Should You Buy It?


Dirt devil simpli stik 3 in 1 cleaner features three different designs; hand vac, stick vac, and extended hand vac. They work hand-in-hand, depending on the severity of the stains, to achieve exceptional results.

Easy Penetration of Hard-to-Reach Spaces

Aside from the machine’s upright design, it comes with a crevice tool that facilitates the cleaning of such cornered spaces. Attach the crevice tool to the hand vac to quickly clean spots or embedded stains without strain.


We’re yet to find a higher quality carpet cleaner that weighs less than 4 pounds. The manufacturer was thoughtful of the fatigue usually generated from handling heavy tools, hence the lightweight. This characteristic is a morale booster as it encourages you to clean more effectively and satisfyingly.

Best Hard Surfaces and Rugs Cleaner

Cleaning hard floors and rugs have never been more comfortable with the machine’s stick vac. The nozzle has a straight shape to match the terrain of the hard floors flawlessly, thus facilitating powerful suction.


  • DO NOT reuse the filter immediately after rinsing- let it dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Some previous users have complained that the manufacturer’s recommended filter doesn’t fit the machine. The alternative filters are hard to find and irreplaceable.
  • This unit works best for small spaces. Overstraining would undoubtedly reduce its efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it ready to use straight out of the box?

A: We wouldn’t call it assembly, because no screws or bolts are required. But you have to attach the stick handle, the nozzle, and the hand vac, and that’s it.

Q:  How do you install the crevice tool?

A: Crevice tool is interchangeable with the hand vac. So, detach the latter and put your crevice tool in its place.

Q: Will it scratch my wood floor?

A: No. The unit is very gentle on the floors but tough on stains.

Concluding Remarks

Dirt devil simpli stik 3 in 1 is just one of the numerous hard floor and carpet cleaners which you can find in the stores. You may have cleaning goals or expectations that do not match this product. Therefore, do not restrict your purchase options to this guide. Otherwise, we highly recommend this tool for your hard floor and rug cleaning needs.

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