Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner [Review]

Indoor pets like cats can get extremely annoying due to their naughty habit of dirtying the house. So what’s the most effective solution to maintaining your carpet due to such instances?

Today, we introduce to you the green-handled cordless portable carpet cleaner- the newest version of the numerous Bissell pet stain eraser reviews. The filter not only removes pet stains from the carpet but kitchen refuse and spills as well. Let’s look at its key features, advantages, and drawbacks, what you should consider before buying it, and much more.

Bissell pet stain eraser reviews

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Key Features

  • Preload weight of 4.6 pounds and a tank capacity of 8 ounces
  • 7.2 volts capacity that is powered by lithium-ion batteries
  • Easily removable suction nozzle
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • In-built scrubbing brush
  • 15-minute non-stop running time

User Satisfaction

  • Usage isn’t limited to time or place
  • Immediate and permanent removal of stains
  • No mixing with water is required, i.e., has a ready-to-use formula
  • Ergonomic handle fits perfectly on the palm
  • Lightweight thus efficiency and ease of usage
  • The maintenance process is hassle-free
  • Great value for the money

User Dissatisfaction

  • 15 minutes cleaning cycle is too short
  • Full tanks may lead to fluid leaks
  • Misleading manufacturer instructions
  • Air vents at the bottom may also cause water spillage


Key Findings of the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Ready-to-use Formula

The cleaner has a reservoir tank that safely stores the Spot & Stain + Oxy formula. The state-of-the-art fluid instantly and permanently eradicate stains from your carpet, car interior, upholstery, etc. It’s, therefore, right here, right now kind of a solution to your cleaning needs.

Extremely Budget-effective

When it comes to the value for money, Bissell pet stain eraser is the go-for product. With a price of $85, you wouldn’t find a better cleaner that instantly and permanently removes stains like vomit, mud, food grease, etc.


The machine is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which is neither harmful to your health nor produces much noise. Furthermore, the cordless cleaner doesn’t scare pets or children around it.

Effortless Maintenance

The process of removal of dirty water from the tank is a no brainer. That is because the cleaner is a making of an easy-to-remove suction nozzle for hassle-free refilling of the formula and maintenance.

Enormous Flexibility

The lithium-powered cleaner removes all kinds of stains anywhere, anytime. Also, it superbly fits under sofas or any other cornered place.


  • Surface area coverage is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes, and overstraining could lead to machine inefficiency.
  • The cleaner is prone to leakages, especially if you let the tank to remain full.
  • Anything that soaks will make the machine rigid and scratchy.
  • Improper handling may damage the circuit board since it’s installed inside the handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to use on urine-stained surfaces?

A: Yes, it is. But ensure you clean the surface before it dries up because urine has bleaching effects; therefore, waiting for too long may cause discoloration.

Q: What’s the cleaner’s lifespan?

A: Fair enough, the duration of your machine depends on how well you maintain it. However, it performs significantly well during the warranty period, within which you can return it in case of any defect.

Q: Does it come with an installed battery?

A: Good question. The manufacturer gives two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and clear-cut instructions on replacement.

Concluding Remarks

Save for a few negative Bissell pet stain eraser reviews; it’s fair to state that this product works for many in the most effective way. Its benefits are endless; talk of ease of usage, flexibility, instant cleaning, effortless maintenance, and so on. We, therefore, confidently recommend this product for world-class cleaning experience.

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