Best Shower Drain Reviews

A shower drain is a crucial plumbing fixture in any bathroom, but many neglect its importance at times. The shower drain stays between the shower closure and the drainage pipe, and it is there mainly to direct water to the sewerage system. However, even when the fixture is so crucial, choosing the best shower drain is not always easy, considering the many brands to choose from.

To give a classy and elegant appearance to your bathroom, we will offer honest shower drain reviews in this article. All you need is to go through it, and you will find the ideal one to take your bathing to the next level.

Best shower drain

1. KOHLER K-9136-CP Shower Drain – Best Square Shower Drain

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If you are in search of a pop-up shower drain, then this Kohler unit is what you need. It is an fantastic unit from a famous brand when it comes to bathroom products. Kohler is renowned for its quality products that appeal to everyone at a reasonable price tag.

With the durable construction and quality, Kohler 9136-BL shower drain offers a comfortable experience in the bathroom. The good thing with the unit is that just like KOHLER-K-9132-CP, it comes with amazing features including a vent, a grid, and a trap to allow great flow that is better than most products. Even for the owners with long hair, you need not worry about hair blocking the drainage. The trap is there to hold hair, preventing it from getting into the drainage system.

Moreover, the unit has a bronze finish that blends well with all bathroom fixtures. Its smooth appearance adds to your bathroom beauty, giving you a good feel as you shower. Being a top-quality product like KOHLER K-9132-BN, you will get fantastic durability as it will serve your bathroom longer. 


  • Easy installation
  • Fits well
  • Durable 


  • Somehow overpriced in comparison to most top products
  • It’s black, which may fail to blend with some fixtures in the bathroom.


2. WingTite Shower Drain – Best Round Shower Drain

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The unit is perfect for any bathroom, especially due to its easy installation. Even for beginners, you do not need to ask for professional help. You can easily install it on your own. The unit comes with quality construction to offer impressive reliability. If your shower drain is wearing you off, this is the right replacement unit. 

Its excellent measurements make it a right replacement unit for every home since it is compatible with various flooring systems. According to WingTite shower drain reviews, the unit ends up saving users more on time and money due to its ease when it comes to fitting.


  • It fits well
  • Compatible with various flooring systems
  • Easy fix
  • Easy cleaning


  • Not compatible with tile floorings


3. Neodrain Linear Shower Drain – Best Linear/Rectangular Shower Drain

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Considering the unit’s performance, it is among the best bathtub drain as well as a shower drain. It comes with AISI 304 stainless steel that is famous for its durability. Its smooth surface and the steel surface prevent corrosion or rust. The drain comes with excellent width and length and a central outlet. With its remarkable high flowability, you will get good water flow when bathing.

The slot shower drain comes with a V profile that aids enough with the water flowing to the shower drain. Its internal slope helps in removing grate, which makes the unit easy to set or clean. You can easily level the unit for better foot support when installing it.


  • Has a detachable grate 
  • The hair strainers are there to hinder clogs
  • Versatile in size
  • Fits well
  • Quick flow


  • Better for traditional membrane shower pans


4. HANEBATH Square Shower Drain – Best Tile Shower Drain

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For those looking for a performing and quality shower drain, then HANEBATH rectangular shower drain is what you need. The unit features excellent details and modern design to make your bathroom look classy. Featuring a brushed finish and strong construction, the unit remains durable.

The shower floor drain is undeniably durable, making it strong enough to handle more force and pressure. The shower drain can withstand regular usage for a longer time. Moreover, the unit comes with a non-corrosive structure, which makes it ideal for use in every bathroom.


  • Innovative design
  • Stainless steel make
  • Versatile
  • Pretty brushed polish


  • Pricier than most products 
  • Messy Installation 


5. Oatey shower drain – Best Value Shower Drain

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The unit is another excellent addition to our shower drain review. With quality stainless steel construction, it looks and performs well on tile floors. The shower drain is not only durable but also comes with a simple set-up. Being a low profile model, it can fit in tight places with no issues.

The shower drain kit comes with a clamping ring to lock bolts on brass inserts, which prevents slipping. It also offers a convenient water flow, which makes it an ideal choice for all homeowners.


  • Reliable
  • Durable 
  • No hitches in installation 
  • Never corrodes


  • Not bendable
  • Information on installation is not enough.


How Would You Choose the Best Drain for Your Shower?

To get the best shower drain, consider the following.

Installation system

When buying the unit, the installation system is one thing you need to consider. There are various systems in the market, but always make sure you choose the one whose installation is hassle-free.

Style of the shower drain

In the past, people used to buy shower drains specifically for water drainage. However, people’s preferences are advancing, and they now want a shower drain offering a combination of elegance and functionality. That is why most people prefer linear shower drains.


The unit comes in varying lengths, and that’s why you need to keep it into consideration when making a buy. Measure the installation area and the size of the drain since both must match. Otherwise, the installation will be harder.

Flow rate

Another great factor is the flow rate since it determines the drain’s ability to take out water. Many units offer 8 to 10 gallons of water flow every minute, which is right. If you intend to use a high-pressure shower head with many spray heads, get a drain with a higher flow rate to avoid floods.


Drains are prone to various problems and can even block or become smelly, which are common issues with drains. However, the main reason most drains clog is hair that sticks on the drain. Choose a drain that offers easier cleaning. Also, make sure that it comes with a trap that catches hair before it gets into the drain.  

How to Install a Shower Drain?

If you want to learn how to install shower drain for tile or any other flooring, here are common steps to follow.

Ascertain the Flawless Position-Choose a clean place as that is a crucial step when it comes to the unit’s installation. Besides, if you chose a bad place, you may find it hard to get the best results.

Prepare the area– once you decide on the ideal place, clean the area off all debris to make sure they do not get in your way or into the drain during the process. Also, pick Shower installation kits for a smooth process. 

Decide on the right height of the shower drain-that helps in creating the crucial slope that heads towards the water channel.

Set-up the build-in set- put in and line-up the built-in set using a modifiable stand. Level the set after you create an ideal space for the process.

Use a drainage pipe to connect the shower drain-it is now time to slide the drain into the connector. After that, check the shower drain rubber gasket for tightness to make sure it does not leak. Once you finish, follow the following steps.

  • Design a Sloped Floor
  • Ensure Watertight Installation
  • Place the Tiles
  • Seal the Joints
  • Fix the Grate Cover
  • Once you finish doing so, you can now shower happily.

Shower Drain Removal – How to Replace a Shower Drain?

Before you can think of shower drain replacement, you need to learn how to remove it, and it is not as hard. All you need is to pick a screwdriver to get rid of the drain cover so that you can reach the tightness ring. The ring is found in the pan’s area that connects to the drain. For those with a one-piece drain, they need to insert the screwdriver into the slot on the cover. After that, apply pressure and rotate to the right until it becomes loose.

Linear Shower Drain Problems – Did You Know Those?

Shower drains face various problems, and if you fail to identify them, you may live to complain of an ill-performing drain. However, with linear shower drain installation, these problems are less common. Here are some common problems with the unit according to linear shower drain reviews. 

  • Clogs
  • Scarce water flow
  • Noisy drain
  • Bad odor

Why Does a Drain Cover Important? What’s the Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher?

The main reasons why most people get a shower drain with a drain cover are to avoid harming the environment. Any chemical, debris, or hazard going down the drain ends up in the nearby water body. That is why you need to strive to get the best shower drain cover. With so many models out there, including a square shower drain hair catcher, you will conserve the environment without realizing it. Some of the best hair catcher units include

  • TubShroom Drain Protector 
  • OXO Pop-Up & Regular Drain Cover
  • HANEBATH Square Shower Drain
  • Oatey shower drain
  • KOHLER K-9136-CP Shower Drain

How to Clean a Shower Drain?

Shower drain cleaning prevents clogging making sure the bathroom stays neat always. This involves cleaning the shower drain extension and siphon traps to remove hairs blocking the system. Follow these steps for simpler cleaning.

  1. Remove the unit’s drain cover
  2. Wipe the linear drain with a towel to remove the hair
  3. Scrub with water and brush to keep the cover clean
  4. Put the cover aside and clean the gutter, the same way you did with the cover.

Choosing the ideal shower drain is hard, considering the many brands flooding the market. However, with the right information, you will not find it hard to choose the one right for your bathroom. That is why we offer the above reviews and guides to help you in making the right decision when it comes to the unit. Just follow the above guide, and you will not only get the ideal one, but you will also find it easy to get the choice of a showerhead that you will make.

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