Best Rain Shower Head Combo [Most Worthy Models]

Nothing beats the feeling of standing in the rain with the gentle raindrops tickling your face. What if you get that in the comfort of your bathroom? Rain shower heads bring that sensation into the bathroom. The unit mimics the raindrops fall to make sure that you get the exact feeling. Instead of using jets like with the traditional showers, the unit uses a straight down-flow, just like with the rain. However, you will only get that feeling if you get the best rain shower head combo.

However, choosing the right unit is always hard, especially for the first-timers. To make your task easier, we did enough research and came up with an honest rain shower head review just for you!

Best Rain Shower Head Combo

  1. SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 – Best Rain Shower System Luxury Combo

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The unit is a large rain shower head that offers the magic of raindrops for that luxurious feel. The square shower comes with great size and measures 10 by 10 inches to cover your entire body as you shower. The unit is sleek, stylish, and comes with a chrome polish for that appealing look in the bathroom. The rain shower head comes with a unique Air Injection Technology for more water pressure and equally saving water.

According to AR Sunrise shower reviews, customers love the unit for looks and performance. Most of them say that its installation is a laid-back one, and once you install it, it produces amazing showers.

The shower-head offers enough pressure thanks to its large size and the pressure feature available on the shower head. The water comes with high pressure even if your bathroom plumbing is low. Moreover, the unit comes with a built-in valve that balances pressure. The valve is there to regulate water pressure as you choose between hot and cold water mode.


  • The unit offers a laid-back installation. Even if installing it for the first time, you will still find it easy.
  • Needs-no tools during installation
  • Water covers your whole body as you shower
  • Hardly gets dirty
  • Looks stylish


  • The downside with the unit is that it is not possible to use both shower heads concurrently
  • Large, making it unfit for smaller bathrooms 


  1. Pulse ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN – Best Rain Shower with Slide Bar Combo

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Even when the gentle raindrops relaxes your body, at times, you may feel like bathing with a light sparkling but not the heavy raindrops. The good thing with the unit is that you can control the water flow to your ideal flow. The sprays are their times powerful if you compare them to most models. But, with the lever, you can easily adjust the shower to your liking.

According to Pulse ShowerSpas reviews, most reviewers say that the model merges the great feel of the 8 overhead sprays with the functional hand shower. The hand shower is lightweight and flexible enough to complement the excellent rain shower head.

Another great thing with the unit is that it comes with a large and bendable shower arm. With such an angular shower arm, you need less crouching, especially if you are taller. You also get a better soothing rain feeling. In short, with such a feature, the unit is the best that any homeowner can buy.


  • The unit comes pre-plumbed and easy to mount on the surface. That means that you can easily fix the unit on your shower without having to remodel your bathroom.
  • Since the unit comes with a hand shower with 5-mode settings, that adds to its functionality.
  • The good thing with the unit is that you can use both the overhead and the hand shower concurrently or separately if you wish to.


  • Some reviewers say that the unit looks cheaper



  1. DreamSpa 1684 Rain Shower – Best Rain Shower Head with Handheld Combo

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If you are after the best shower head combo, then this DreamSpa unit is what you need since it offers the best rain shower and handheld combination. The unit is the best dual rainfall combo that comes with a great finish for that elegant and luxurious look.

The rain shower and handheld combination unit satisfies your every need for a satisfying rainfall feeling. With its amazing 7 inches shower head and a 4-inch handheld shower head, you will get different settings to suit your preference. With the 7 settings, you get to experience the 7 different feels with both the handheld shower and the high-pressure shower head.

The other good thing with the unit is that not need an expert to install it. With its simple instructions on the manual, you can easily set it up with no tools required. Even a first-timer can do it within minutes. 

The pressure is strong enough to make you clean fast. Some people don’t like the stronger rainfall drops, and that is why this unit is the ideal one for them. If you want a gentle splash, you can still set the shower head for that soothing raindrops as you enjoy the feeling in your bathroom.


  • Easy to regulate pressure settings
  • Comes with a stainless steel material
  • Durable
  • Laid-back cleaning


  • Shower arms are somehow thin



  1. AquaDance Rainfall Combo – Best High-Pressure Rain Showerhead Combo

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Are you in search of antimicrobial shower head? Well, then you will love this Aquadance rainfall combo. The unit comes with 6 spray settings and a 3-way diverter that makes it possible to use the shower heads separately or together. With the click lever, you can modify the shower head from one setting to the other. The unit also comes with a water-saving feature, the pause mode that is great if you want to save water. Its bigger width means that you will get a full-body coverage as you shower.


  • Comes with a water-saving mode
  • Flexible shower hose
  • Easier installation
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish


  • Not durable



  1. YOO.MEE Rain Shower Music Speaker – Best Rain Shower & Speaker Combo

Imagine getting that rainfall drops shower accompanied by soothing music? That is why YOO.MEE rain shower is the best Speakman shower head that every homeowner should get. With the unit, you get more relaxation while showering with music. With the music, you will get relief from the pressure of the day. Even with the shower running, you will still hear the music with the noise reduction technology available. If you want to answer the call, you only need to press the speaker’s button. Its battery is strong enough, as it can run for over 15 hours.


  • Installation is easy
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a high standby time
  • The showerhead is strong enough


  • The music does not come with a forward function 


Do Rain Shower Heads Use More Water?

Unlike most people’s perceptions, rain shower heads do not use more water. Once you install the showerhead, you are conserving water. The units are high-efficiency and release the utmost 2.5 gallons of water with every minute. Traditional shower releases over 5.5 gallons, which means these units are the best.

Do Rain Shower Heads Have Pressure?

Rain showerheads come with ideal pressure. The good thing with these units is that if you prefer high or low pressure, they come with settings that allow you to set the unit to what you love.

Rain Showerhead vs. Traditional Showerhead – What’s the Difference?

Both showerheads are not so different, but they still come with some differences. The main difference with the units is the sensation of the water as it hits your skin. Rain shower heads are more soothing than with the traditional ones.

Other than the sensation, there are other differences when we think of the design. Rain shower heads are larger than the traditional ones, which is both a pro and a con. A larger shower head means you get bigger coverage for a fast shower, but they also take up more space, especially for people with smaller bathrooms. 

What Factors Should Consider While Buying a Rain Shower Head?

  • Size- you need to get a shower head that will fit into your bathroom. Also, you need it to stay large enough to cover you well as when showering.
  • Spray quality- Most models come with unique technologies that offer differing sprays, from raindrops to air-water. 
  • Durability- If you want to get a durable unit, buy from the trusted brands. However, there are lesser-known companies that offer better units.
  • Type- you can choose to buy a ceiling or wall mounted shower head. All you need is to make sure that the unit fits the shower stall. Check keenly to make sure that the unit you choose will comfortably fit on the shower arm. 
  • Style-The units usually come in various colors apart from the units that come with a chrome finish. You can choose from great colors like starlight chrome, bronze, and more. Just make sure that the color you chose complements your bathroom decor.

Which is the Best Rain Shower Head with High Pressure?

The best rain shower head is the one that comes with adjustable flow. One of the best ones is the SparkPod Shower Head. While the pressure shower flow is relaxing, you may need a gentle shower. Always go for the one that comes with adjustable settings for a specific shower.

What is a Ceiling Shower? Which is the Best Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head?

A ceiling shower head is huge enough to cover your entire body with water as you shower. SR SUN RISE 12” Large Square Rainfall Showerhead is among the best ones. The unit channels the water flow uniformly than most shower heads. The unit is angular enough to pour water from any angle that you wish to stand. 

Which Do We Consider the Best Rain Shower Head Overall?

Which model can take the best slot if not Moen Velocity Shower Head? The unit is our top choice, specifically for the flow rate and finishes. The unit is 10 inches wide to make sure that you get enough coverage with less space. Another great unit is the Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead. The unit offers an opportunity for you to modify the pressure to your liking. Whether you prefer heavy downpour or gentle raindrops, the unit offers just that.


The ideal shower head is the one that offers a feeling of standing in the rain but in the comfort of your bathroom. You also get a soothing sensation as the warm water soaks your body. The shower heads are similar to the traditional ones, but they come with other features that make them more convenient to own. While most of the units come at a higher price than the traditional ones, searching through various units may help you get the one that fits your budget. With the above review, buying the best one is now easier. If you choose any of the above units, you will surely get the feel you wish in your bathroom.

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