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Everyone loves a breathtaking shower. Whether you enjoy taking a shower in the morning, evening, or during the day, it’s a ritual that is part of our daily routine. Bathing leaves the body fresh and healthy, ready for the challenges that life throws at it.

In this article, we are looking at the best dual shower head to make sure you get an ideal model that will work best for you. The shower heads are great for speedy and slow people in the bathroom as they help you shower thoroughly with enough convenience. If looking for a shower head that can transform your bathing routine to an awesome experience, continue reading, and get more information.

Best Dual Shower Head Reviews

  1. Hotel-Spa-Aqua-Storm Shower Head- A Handheld Shower Combo

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If looking for a dual shower head with a handheld hose, then this is the one for you. The dual shower is a convenient model that will help you spend less time in the bathroom. It produces a rain-like water pattern that is stimulating enough for the greatest comfort and relaxation. For extra flexibility and convenience, the unit helps you use both heads distinctly or concurrently.

Just like with other units, the unit is a low maintenance one. To make them great performers, they come with polished steel that includes plastic faceplates. The good thing with the plastic plates hinders calcium build-up, which makes it easy to wipe them clean. In short, the unit is the best 2 in 1 shower head that will offer a thrilling experience in the shower.


  • Great size showerheads that are six inches
  • Easier cleaning
  • One can use both heads at a go
  • Has a stainless-steel material
  • Comes with a plastic material that cannot corrode
  • According to HotelSpa shower head reviews, the shower head comes with a spiral-flow design that offers a better rainfall shower settings
  • Jets that is easy to clean


  • A 3-way water diverter that has an anti-swivel nut for locking


  1. Aqua-Dance premium rain shower head 

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When choosing the right dual shower head, it’s always good to go for the one that offers an opportunity for various modes. That is why the unit is the best high-pressure dual shower head for everyone. With the unit, you can decide to use the standard head, which is intact, or use the body wand for better cleaning experience. The good thing about the dual head is that the heads are seven inches wider. With such a width, it means you will get an extra luxury with the rainfall setting. The heads offer total immersive bathing, especially if you choose to shower with both heads on.

For that extra luxury in the bathroom, each shower head comes with a knob that helps you adjust it to various spray settings. You can choose a massage setting, pulsating water, water-saving mode, and more. When we think of durability, the dual head shower is incredibly reliable and durable. Since it comes with stainless steel and an extra chrome finish, the unit hardly corrodes.


  • Larger diameter shower head
  • With this rain shower head review, the rainfall setting adds a spa-level feel
  • One can use both showerheads concurrently
  • Jets are not hard to keep up


  • The flow regulator minimizes water pressure


  1. Ana-Bath Anti-Clog Dual Shower Head 

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If looking for the best shower head and handheld combo, then this Ana shower head is what you need. Even though owning a dual shower-head leads to an enjoyable bathing experience, some people think that you end up using more water. However, with this unit, water efficiency is what it stands for. Unlike other units, Ana shower-head comes with a 2.31gallons flow rate in a minute. That means you use less water even when using both heads at high pressure.

Just like with the Moen dual shower head, many love the unit for its fancy shower head that is 5 inches, which makes them great for a rainfall-like shower. Each head comes with a 5-pattern choice, which makes it versatile. With the plastic face-plates, corrosion or lime build-up is the last thing to worry about.


  • Easy to reach water regulator
  • Versatile spray options
  • Does not clog


  • Fitting loosens over time


  1. Hydroluxe 1433 Rain Shower-head

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The shower head is among the best models. Not because it is affordable but because it offers more features and works better. You can choose to use the heads concurrently but also one at a go. Also, it is possible to pick a different setting for every head.

The good thing about the shower head is that it is possible to pause it when you want. Both heads measure 4 inches in diameter and come with a chrome finish to also avoid corrosion.


  • Easy to place
  • Various water flow patterns
  • You feel like you are in a spa


  • The design is a bit flimsy


  1. DreamSpa Rainfall & Handheld Shower Combo

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The rain shower head combo is a great deal for those willing to cut their water bills but still get a luxurious rainfall shower. The unit comes with multiple settings, and you can control the showerheads equally or separately.

According to the DreamSpa shower head reviews, the 7 inches chrome face, and the 4 inches face height when together with the 7 settings, you get an excellent showering feel. If looking for diversity, the unit offers a merge of mist and rain, accompanied by a massage option to leave your body fresh.


  • Flexible
  • Cleaning it is easy
  • Hardly corrodes


  • The swivel mount is not strong enough 


  1. Aquadance Slimline 1441 Shower-head 

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Being the latest shower head tested in the US, users are sure of the quality of experience they get from the shower head. The hand shower and shower head combo come with a chrome finish on the back and the face—the stationary shower measures 7 inches and the portable one measuring 4 inches.

The good thing with the unit is that you can adjust it to the angle that you like. All you need is to turn the dial, choose from the various settings and you are good to go.


  • You don’t need to use tools to set-up
  • Compatible with all standard showers
  • The over-head bracket that is adjustable to promote a hands-free action


  • Does not come with a spinning holder for separate adjustability


How does the dual shower head work?

The dual shower head units come with a diverter valve that helps in controlling water flow. The dual-way diverter is capable of switching between both showerheads. You can also choose between a single or double heads, separately or equally. 

Buying Guide: What should you consider before buying a dual shower head

Choosing an ideal dual shower-head for your bathroom is not as easy. Some of the factors to consider are:

  • The hand-held shower-head length for effective and comfortable bathing
  • Durability since you do not want a shower head that will break easily.
  • Versatility, since a showerhead should enable you, takes a bath at various angles
  • Cleaning and maintenance as no one wants a shower that corrodes or accumulates dirt
  • Cost as anyone is looking for a functional and affordable unit
  • Water-flow as that is what will make you enjoy being in the shower for long
  • Functionality- besides, who wants a shower head that underperform in all aspects?  


Do both shower heads Allow 2 People showering simultaneously?

Due to the dual aspect of the unit, it allows two people to share the shower. The unit is great for couples who love taking a shower together. A parent can also shower with her child.

Does the Dual Head use or save water than a single-headed one? 

Most people are under the perception that dual shower heads mean double water bills. On the contrary, these showerheads promote powerful spray every time with their water pressure features. That means you spend less time in the bathroom since the shower offers faster response. Therefore, even if it has two heads, it’s quicker and powerful to make you clean within minutes. In the long-run, you end up spending less water. 

Installing a Dual Shower Head – How to Plumb Multiple Shower Heads Diagram?

That is the question with most people. In case the showerheads use the same valve, you are likely to get a pressure balance. With the use of the valve, the pressure will remain intact even when using both showerheads. That may loosen the pressure, especially if using both heads. To install the shower heads, you do not need an expert. To install 2 shower heads on one valve, all you need is to mount them directly to the shower arm, and you are good to go. 

Does the dual shower head have a slide bar? What is the ideal one with slide Bar?

Most shower head brands are unique, with every one of them working well to serve the purpose. Depending on your bathing needs, the ideal one may vary from one model to the other. For example, Pulse 1011-III-CH Kauai III Shower System with Slide Bar and Moen 3669EP Handheld Shower head with Slide Bar are great shower heads, with each of them offering unique but great performance. As you settle on the best, check for stability, versatility, and durability. Most importantly, choose the one with a slide bar since a slide bar is crucial in helping you adjust the shower to various heights.


Owning a dual shower head is the best way to upgrade everyone’s bathroom experience. However, some models may make your experience challenging, if you make the wrong choice. That is why the article strives to offer some of the unique, excellent, and comfortable models for you. Whichever one you chose, you will remain a happy and relaxed person.

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